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Sporting Memorabilia

Your guide to Sports Memorabilia

The term Sports Memorabilia is an item or collection of items relating to, used by, presented to, or owned by a sports individual, team, organisation, or event. It can be signed or unsigned, and be supplied with information supporting the item(s) history and/or ownership. This can take the form of a letter, photographic material or related documents. This is commonly referred to as ‘provenance’. It may also be supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Sporting Memorabilia may or may not possess historical significance can either have a sentimental or monetary value to the collector.

The most popular forms of Sports memorabilia are items that the teams or individual play with, or have worn, such as, signed Balls, signed shirts, signed bats, match-worn shirts and match-used balls.

The worldwide appeal of a particular sport dictates the demand, price and availability. Therefore the most popular sports are Football memorabilia, Soccer memorabilia, American Football Memorabilia, Baseball memorabilia, Cricket memorabilia, Basketball memorabilia, Motorsport memorabilia, Boxing memorabilia, Tennis memorabilia, Olympics memorabilia and Golf memorabilia.

In specific areas of the world certain sports have more appeal. For example in the UK Rugby memorabilia, Rowing memorabilia, Horse Racing memorabilia and Snooker memorabilia is very popular.

In recent years Signed Sports memorabilia has become very popular as gifts and sports memorabilia companies such as Spirit of Sport cater for all sports and price ranges. Limited edition ranges based around a sporting individual or team are created in the form of signed prints, signed photo presentations, signed canvas’s, and signed books.

Memorabilia is general can be an excellent investment and in most cases will appreciate in value over a period of time. The most desirable collectables are items pertaining to a notable event or game, or a famous sporting individual. For example, Muhammad Ali memorabilia, Pele memorabilia, Diego Maradona and Tiger Woods memorabilia are some of the most popular of living sportsmen. Related memorabilia also has major appeal including signed Art, and Political memorabilia such as Nelson Mandela memorabilia.

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